Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I likes the musics

It's time for another film score blog. When I'm falling into a rut at work I listen to my favorite songs which aren't necessarily songs. I love orchestral pieces from soundtracks. There are plenty of great composers from the days before film and I do enjoy them but there's something transporting about pizzicato strings, rolling timpani drums, and piping trumpets. Here are some more of my favorite tunes.

Star Trek - Jerry Goldsmith
Everybody loves Jerry Goldsmith even when they don't like him. I'm not a huge fan of the Star Trek films and am by no means a Trekkie but I love what Goldsmith did with the films. You get an almost instant sense of the vastness of space and what it takes to traverse it gracefully.

Tron - Wendy Carlos
She wasn't the prettiest lady which was probably because she was a man but that didn't change the fact that she owned the synthesizer. This one takes me in the opposite direction as Goldsmith's Enterprise. It's not vast. It's isolated and has an unnatural fury to it.

The Life Aquatic - Mark Mothersbaugh
Devo's Mothersbaugh does it all in The Life Aquatic but this one is the best. I like the occasional break from the heavy numbers to enjoy his minimalist themes from his work in Wes Anderson films. They're like a good pot pie. Just enough ingredients to keep you happy.

Moon - Clint Mansell
Here's another minimalist track that gives me chills. I think the definition of a perfect soundtrack is the one you don't notice meaning it blends with the visuals completely. I always feel a slight uneasiness when I listen to this and I think it's because of the intent to convey the isolation and urgency of the films protagonist. Very cool, indeed.

That'll do it for this installment. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to take a free mint on the way out.