Monday, November 10, 2014

Spiral Fracture of Humerus - Week 16 and 17

Time flies when you're not an invalid.

At my follow up I pretty much told my doctor that I'd rather not have surgery and would instead go the long route of stretching my arm back to where it needs to be. I get a little more back every week and I think I'll eventually get to a point where I'm happy.

Last night I thought I'd give the bow tie a shot and I was able to do it. A lot of the difficulty was getting my arm, wrist, and hand to work like they should. The wrist is plenty flexible but at certain angles when my elbow is bent I feel a little more tightness than is comfortable so I subconsciously bend everything the wrong way.

Bathing is getting very close to normal. I can wash my right armpit with very little effort though getting all of my back is still a mostly one handed ordeal but I'm working on that with some new stretches I've begun at therapy. Everything else is piece of cake. I can even dry off pretty quick without fear of breaking my arm.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still mowing the lawn with one hand. I'm just not mentally ready to put any real strain on it and probably won't until I hit that magical six month mark. Even then I'll probably go real easy on it.

I played guitar for a few minutes today. It felt completely normal. I never thought that would happen.

Picking up my son and getting him to my chest isn't at all difficult anymore nor is lowering him into his crib. I'm still missing muscle in a few important areas so I crawl around on the floor after him like a three legged dog. Perhaps some day I'll be able to straighten my arm out enough to do that.