Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Call me, Dad

I feel like a bit of a heel doing this while working (my team is taking a break so I am too) and knowing that Jill is upstairs tending to the needs of our one month old. I'll likely get my comeuppance this evening when it's my turn to take care of him.

So I'm a dad now which is surreal or at least it seems so when I'm not feeding, calming, and changing my son's diapers of which there are many. I've had a month now to make the adjustment from a happy go lucky husband with light obligations to full blown parent with more considerable ones.

Doing my weekly chores now takes a backseat to the baby's needs. I've managed to give my beloved lawn some attention once a week and the coming winter will put an end to that for a few months. I will have to tend to snow removal from time to time but Jill is getting better with Henry so I can take the time to do it.

There are so many things you take for granted before having children. Silly things like an evening snack (or snacks) just don't happen. We've worked out the whole eating schedule. Henry likes to be cranky from 5pm to 10pm so dinner has gone from our together time to one of us eating while the other does their best to calm the baby. On the plus side, I can now eat a largish dinner in under ten minutes. The only time it takes longer is when I have to take a break to change a poopy diaper which Henry likes to create around the time when I eat. He always knows when I've opened a pint of ice cream because he always cries a couple of bites in regardless of how asleep he was when I open it. There are silver linings to this cloud. I'm not flirting with 180lbs like I was pre-baby.

All that being said, I wouldn't trade it for anything. As time rolls on we'll get back to many of our old activities since he's not going to be a newborn forever. Sometimes it feels that way though. When Henry is content he looks it and I just marvel at the sleeping baby that Jill and I are taking care of. He's just fantastic.