Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Curves Are Beautiful

In an effort to categorize everybody in the world we've grouped people together. I call it "Social Profiling." It's like racial profiling but considering that people are more prone to intermingle racially it's hard to group people by race. Social profiling is a bit kinder depending on where you end up on the social matrix.

Let's talk about the larger folks. I'm going to go with the generalized idea of what constitutes "chubby" by using super models as my measuring stick. See what I did there?

Basically everybody without exposed ribs is fat or at least that's what we're being led to believe by the fashion industry and everybody else. The former is obvious but why did I include the latter? It's because the majority of people support that notion and give it the fuel it needs to burn as brightly as it does.

Are curves beautiful? Are small clothes more beautiful? The easiest response is, "No." Your ribs aren't beautiful. Not so fast there, saddlebags. Your rolls aren't beautiful either. Hear me out here. Enlightened as we like to think we are we're still focusing on appearances regardless of which end of the spectrum we sit which is why so much weight (pardon the expression) is placed on our outward appearance.

As long as we continue to reinforce these stereotypes they'll continue to exist. People generally believe that it's not us, it's them. In reality it's absolutely us. We're the ones that get all bent out of our awkward shapes when we direct our attention (and occasionally our money) at them. Rather than stirring the melting pot, we differentiate individuals to reinforce our own self image. "Plus sized" is a very positive title until you consider that there isn't a "Minus sized" to counter it. It's not enough to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from those they'd rather not be associated with. They feel the need to be different while trying to be the same. The best way to be the same is to be the same.

There was once a time where a little weight meant you were prosperous and comfortable while being very thin meant you spent most of your time doing without and working. The former has lost some of it's meaning but the latter is still true. Many of the very skinny go without food and perform hours of manual labor. The only difference is that they now do it by choice. At some point prosperous and comfortable became poor and lazy which contradicts the lifestyles of our social elite. The social elite are so elite that people love them so much that they want to be just like them or hate them so much that they don't want to be anything like them save for numerous shared tastes they're unwilling to part with.

Everybody wants to be unique and special but at the same time they want to belong to a group of people that is unique and special. The best thing about being unique and special is that you don't need anybody to validate you. Your curves don't make you beautiful. Your very existence is what's truly beautiful and until you realize that you'll have a projection of ugliness that the world will share with you.

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