Monday, November 14, 2011

Howdy stranger

I haven't blogged in awhile which is usually the case for this time of year. I always post a lot at the beginning of the year because of resolutions and stuff but I always get bored after a certain amount of time. It's not because I'm lazy. I am but it's not the reason.

I'm a fairly introverted person meaning I don't typically share personal stuff and really only like talking about things that interest me which rarely if every interest anybody else. Perhaps I'm worried that if I did talk about myself I'd notice how little I have going on. I don't talk about work because it's never a good idea to discuss your job especially if you work for a prominent company.

I've been told that I'm more entertaining when I'm unhappy about something. My complaints garner more attention than the things I enjoy. Let's do a little comparing and contrasting.

Things are looking up or at least looking both ways before crossing the street. I expect to be starting a new position within my company. I've been floating around for the past few years as they didn't really have anything that fit my skill set. That's not the greatest feeling when the job market is in such turmoil. Thankfully I work for and with a great group of people.

I had some moles removed last week. They were quite obnoxious and fairly uncomfortable. They came off fairly easy but the recover has been a pain in the back, literally. I've been going without bandages for the past few days since I discovered that the bandages were causing most of the problems. Why is it that adhesive bandages either stick to your skin like they're super glued in place or fall off like a post it? I've got twice the wounds now because of those stupid things tearing away perfectly healthy skin. Thanks science.

I've only got a few days of vacation left not counting holidays. This is the first year in awhile that I haven't taken time off around Christmas. I never used to take that time off because I liked being off during the months where I can actually do stuff and also because NOTHING happened at work during the holidays. I could pretty much just run my reports, archive files, and get everything in order for the new year. It's easy to do when nobody is around. The only downside is that eight hours of that is a lot slower than eight hours of constant calls. This year will probably be filled with calls. I welcome that.

I found some shoes. This is a big deal because I've been looking for a particular pair of shoes for some time. You wouldn't think it but comfortable, black, slip on dress shoes are hard to come by or at least they are at a certain price point. I tried on pretty much every pair I could find at the various places I shop and wasn't able to find any. I have black, dress shoes. Two pairs in fact but they weren't ideal. One pair is a tad too dressy. They work with a suit but not in the business casual department. My other pair are a little less flashy but they weigh a lot and are on the wide side. They're not the best shoes for travel. I wanted a narrower pair of slip ons that would get me through screening faster and would fit under an airplane seat with a carry on. Jill convinced me to look in a higher price bracket and I found a rather pricey, but well built shoe. They're very comfortable and should give me many years of service. The dent in the wallet was tough to swallow but they're great shoes.

I got an iPhone recently. I was a little leery about being an iPhone person but I've since been convinced it's the perfect phone for me. My old phone was okay as a phone but it didn't do much else very well except take pictures strangely enough. It got me online somewhat so I could check Twitter and Facebook but it was extremely slow. Jill got a similar phone but her desire to have a keyboard put her in the slightly older phone which had an older OS on it. Mine came with the new version of the OS but the same power. What Jill's did quickly mine did slowly. So slow in fact that it was discontinued seven months later. I don't do a lot in the App department so really I just wanted internet, a camera, Facebook, and Twitter which my iPhone does extremely fast. I've even picked up a few other Apps that allow me to program my DVR remotely. Cool stuff. Jill isn't quite ready to go smart phone but her phone still works perfectly so she's happy. She makes fun of me and my iPhone.

I had a beard for a little while. I got tired of it so I shaved it off. I like not having a beard but Jill prefers me bearded. My stubble is fairly obnoxious and she doesn't like kissing sandpaper.

That's about it. See you next year.

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