Monday, March 8, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 4 - Deja Vu

Saturday - Part 1 - Takin' it easy

We slept in a little today but not too much though I would have liked to on account of how lazy I am. We hit the food court a little later thanks to the extra ZZZ's but there was still the usual riffraff lurking about. It was nice not jumping on a bus right after we ate.

We hung out in our room for about as long as we could handle that God awful Stacey promo channel. When schedule allows, Jill and I always like to roam around our hotel and see all that there is to see. We took photos of all the gigantic crap and read the little fun facts about each year that are posted on signs near the lake. We also walked across the bridge to get a closer look at the abandoned hotel on the other side of the lake. It's too bad that they couldn't finish it. I would have liked to stay over there.

Saturday - Part 2 - Stop staring at my wife

We decided that the bowling pin pool would have the least amount of pee in it so we threw on our suits and headed over. The water was pretty cold so I had to pull force Jill down the steps and into four feet of chilly death. We were fine after a few minutes. Jill felt a little uncomfortable since the life guard was keeping an eye on her. It's rough when you're the only skinny person in the pool that isn't a hairy man. Once we were tired of staring at each other and the beached whales reading Daniel Steele books we headed back to our room to shower up.

We had a moderately good lunch at the food court again then we headed off to Epcot which really stole some thunder from Animal Kingdom this time out.

Saturday - Part 3 - No barf bags???

We did hit up Spaceship Earth again. You know you've been on a ride too many times when you start to recognize cast members in a park you visit every other year. After that I talked Jill into doing Mission Space. She was a good sport and hit all of her buttons. Interestingly enough all the barf bags that were there the last time I rode were gone. It didn't stink so I'm guessing somebody stole them. Why didn't I think of that the other night? She didn't find it to be as thrilling as everybody made it out to be either and it will definitely be one a stop on future trips.

There was still time to kill so we took a leisurely stroll through the world showcase and went into every shop except the ones that sell perfume because they stink.

Saturday - Part 4 - Nice cans

Restaurant Marrakesh was our next stop and we were a little concerned after the disaster that was Coral Reef. The friendly staff seated us right away. Not a Brazilian in sight. This might be a good dinner. We ordered some mint tea and I got a boozy drink and the beef brewat rolls. I wasn't expecting cinnamon and beef to go well together but they were incredibly good. Jill even ate some which surprised me. She's become very adventurous with food lately. I saw Ghandi in the kitchen and Jill didn't believe that I did until he came out with a drum and sang a birthday song to a happy little girl.

Our entrees came out in no time and we got to savor the flavors before the entertainment came out. Ghandi, some other guy, and a quite attractive belly dancer. I did more drooling over my dinner but the belly dancer did have a nice set of cans. She brought a bunch of kids out to belly dance with her. It was so adorable I almost threw up my delicious dinner. The number was over quickly and the crisis was averted.

I ordered a dessert of fruit and ice cream that was quite good. While eating it some woman dragged her backpack across our table and almost spilled what was left of my very expensive booze. I wanted to be angry at her but it turns out she was blind. I blame her husband for not helping her through the tight area. Nothing spilled so we ignored the little snafu and got ready to leave. Our waiter looked like Aladdin so we gave him a gigantic tip. Restaurant Marrakesh gets an A+ and will has become pretty much our favorite place to blow some cash.

Saturday - Part 5 - Illooooooosions

We timed our dinner so we could catch Illuminations. We asked a cast member where the best spot to see it was and she directed us to the most popular area to watch it. We should have been more specific when we asked for a good place to watch. We should have asked her where we could watch it without having to stand ass to crotch with the all the mouth breathers we've been smelling for the past four days. We went to the same spot I watched some if the other night. The real bummer was that it would have been a much shorter walk had we not taken the long way around the world showcase. Oh well. I thought the show was very good. I don't think I'll ever watch it again.

The crowds were pretty heavy after the show so we planted ourselves on a bench and watched the mod clear out. We walked through a few more shops then went back to the hotel where we slept and turned our delicious dinner into fat.

I'll try to get the rest of the days done since I know both of my readers are antsy to read the rest.


  1. I decided this time I was going to read your blog for the first time aloud to Matt. I hadn't read it before so when I got to the funny parts I had to take breaks to laugh hysterically.

  2. I wrote about day four twice. I think my second recap is better. I'm an idiot.