Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 5 - Really this time.

Sunday - Part 1 - I got nuthin'

We did our usual morning routine. If you really want to know what we did go and look at either of the Saturday reports.

I know a lot of people like Hollywood Studios but to me it feels like a bit of a chore. It's a lot like Farmville or Pet Society. You just do it because it's there. I just don't feel it. There are some great rides and there are some terrible rides. One of those terrible rides is The Great Movie Ride. What the fuck right? It's a good idea poorly executed... by a firing squad. Every gun was fired but it survived. They try hard to make aspects of it exciting but at less than 1mph you have way to much time to analyze the poor animatronics and deadpan spiel that the depressing tour guide has clearly done too many times. Our tour guide, who we'll call Antoine since I can't remember his name, was gayer than a pink Christmas tree. That was actually the most entertaining aspect about this ride. Sadly he left us halfway through so some mousy broad trying to sound like a Texan mentally counted the seconds until the end of her shift/life. At the end they asked us to exit stage right. This would have been fine except stage right is actually left. It's Florida so I'll forgive them.

Next on the list was the Tram Tour which we actually like. It's about as entertaining as a mime but we still do it because it kills some time and the special effects display with tourists is quite entertaining particularly because nobody wants to do it.

We grabbed some pretzels then headed over to see the stunt show. It's amazing how quickly seven Brazilian tour groups can fill a stadium while your wife uses the bathroom. We got decent seats off to the side and had an incredible laugh when it started raining on a bunch of people. Good times. The show is great and makes me want to drive like a maniac. My car is too big for those kinds of hijinks.

Rock N Rollercoaster was next on the menu. It's nice to see familiar freeway signs and not having to sit in traffic on them. What's a She-daisy?

We were pleased to find some new pathways at the park. Last time we went there was a lot of extra walking because of dead ends. We were also pleased to find Midway Mania which is one of our favorite rides. We got to ride it a bazillion times at California Adventure but for some reason the lines were really long here. Some cock-feature was hacking up a lung in line for this ride. More on that later. Jill and I kick ass at Midway Mania. We know where one of the Easter Eggs are for getting lots of points. Jill is more accurate but I have stronger arms so I win in the points department. I rule. I'm done with this place. Let's go to the Magic Kingdom.

Sunday - Part 2 - Something witty.

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom the rain started to really come down. It was so heavy that the mic'd people in the parade that was going on said their spiel really fast then high floored it to the backstage area. Jill hung out at the Emporium while I ran back to the locker for our raincoats. As soon as I got back to Jill with our raincoats the rain stopped and didn't return. Fuck. The park really cleared out due to the rain. I'm guessing once everybody got shuttled away it wasn't worth coming back. Their loss.

We hit up the Haunted Mansion first and it was empty Jill had a bit of a head start on me and entered the doom buggy that the attendant told her to go to. I made it there just in time for the safety bar to close on me. These close with a lot more power than the ones at Disneyland close with. Ouch.

After that we slowly walked to Big Thunder Mountain. No lines again. I love this park on rainy days. What better way to finish up Frontier Land than with the Country Bear Jamboree. They tore it out at Disneyland to make room for Pooh. I enjoyed the show. Jill did too.

The Jungle Cruise is always an afterthought for us which is strange because we love the ride. We skipped it the last time we were there and I'm glad we decided to throw it in. The skipper sucked but they do at Disneyland now too. I miss the days when they were allowed to have fun with it. I was really pleased with the unique features and will definitely go on it again.

Why yes, we'll go on the Haunted Mansion again. I managed to make it into the doom buggy this time. We got out in time for the crappy fireworks to finish up and waited for them to let us back into Fantasy Land. Everybody ran like idiots towards their respective rides. Jill and I walked casually and got on Peter Pan without really waiting. We rule.

Since new experiences were what we were all about this time out Philharmagic was next up. It's nice to see Donald get some dedicated action. We'll do it again.

No trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a trip on the P-Mover. Rawk!

Jill snapped a butt load of castle photos then we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Thanks for reading. I love you.

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  1. You had never done Mickey's Philarmagic? CRIME!

    The streets at DHS are all crazy... I agree. We like DHS (Matt moreso than I) but there are some rides that need TLC. The Great Movie Ride is one of them. I'm sick of the same script with all the same crappy actors. Who are they fooling?

    Peter Pan is a ride that I could go on ten times and not get sick of. I feel like I always see something new. I remember a few rides ago I noticed that the "cars" driving below you were just pieces of glow in the dark tape. Pretty cool! I feel like the attraction moves so fast I can't see everything i'm going by the first time. I think thats what makes a ride seriously rideable. Haunted Mansion is another one of those rides.