Thursday, April 1, 2010

WDW Trip Report - Day 6

Monday - Part 1 - Hurm...

I woke up this morning not feeling as well as I had been feeling this whole trip. I loaded up on the galaxy of drugs Jill brought along and we headed out for breakfast then the Magic Kingdom. If I ignore it, it will go away.

Buzz Lightyear was a delightfully humid ride which made the lazers easy to spot. I got an awesome score and gawked at everybody else's small scores. Kids suck at Buzz Lightyear. No trip to Tomorrow Land is complete without a trip on the People Mover. We moseyed around for a bit afterward and snapped some photos in Toon Town. I don't feel any better.

We hopped on the train and rode it around to Frontier Land. We weren't about to do another trip without visiting Tom Sawyer Island. We took a crowded boat over and snapped a butt load of photos. I was delighted (yes delighted) that their Fort Wilderness is actually open. The Disneyland Fort Wilderness first saw the removal of the rifles then they just closed it down completely. Bitches. More good times on Big Thunder Mountain then it was time for lunch.

We spotted people eating with a nice view of Small World the other day so we went to the Village Haus and nabbed a table right by the glass. I waved at everybody. It was a nice lunch. We heard a familiar sound but not what we'd expect to hear at a Disney restaurant. The SHHHHHK! of a two liter bottle got me looking around. I saw a lady pulling a couple of them out of a backpack. The cheapness of it all.

We walked back to the Frontier Land train station and took it to Tomorrow Land since we didn't feel like taking a short walk from the Village Haus to the People Mover. We're dumb like that sometimes. The awesomeness of the People Mover made up for it. We grabbed another Dole Whip and pondered the rest of our day. We realized that we hadn't done the Haunted Mansion yet. It beckoned that we hurry back. I think little Leota is jealous of the People Mover.

We emptied our locker and headed to the Monorail so we could finish our day at Epcot. I'm feeling pretty lousy right now. I was doing great all day. Either the drugs were wearing off or I was about to succumb to illness. I blame the scurvy people on Midway Mania the day before.

We started with Spaceship Earth which we love just as much as the People Mover. Jill and I love our slow moving rides. Innoventions was next on the list since we really wanted to do THE SUM OF ALL THRILLS. I have to write in all caps. At this point I was really focusing on pretending I felt fine. Jill didn't want our fake roller coaster to be too exciting so we kept the speed and the hills to a minimum. My impending sickness was immediately forgotten after the ride attendant closed the lid on my manly bits. You heard me right. The next element of surprise was what happens when you have a looping roller coaster going as slow as possible. Physics ensured that we went through the loops very slowly. Next time we're going to make it thrilling. I'm talking super thrilling.

I was starting to slow down at this point. We visited the shops in the world showcase again and settled down in Morocco for Tea and Baklava. Both were very good and I forgot about how sick I was. This was easily one of our nicest evenings. We like Morocco.

After that I was starting to run out of juice so Jill was nice enough to let us go back to the room. I loaded up on drugs again and fell asleep. In hindsight I should have just endured for the rest of the night but I had no idea I would feel the way I did the next morning.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to my trip report.

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