Thursday, April 29, 2010

The public option - Topics ignored

I'm against the public option for health care. It's not because I hate poor people or the unemployed. I generally love them and wish them well. They're on my Christmas card list. Not really but if they don't want to work who am I to force them? I'd rather not see my tax dollars go to pay for the undereducated or just plain lazy to have health care. I'd rather see said dollars pay for police officers, firemen and our infrastructure.

I pay for my own health insurance straight out of my paycheck. I pursued a job that offered health care. If anything I think the job market would benefit from employers competing for employees. Competition is always good for everybody. It keeps most businesses from getting lazy. That won't be the case as long as there is a need for minimum wage employees to do jobs that don't require a whole lot of thought.

That's a pretty boring discussion though. Let's talk about some lesser ignored topics that are amusing or at least to me they are.

Helmets, elbow/knee pads, and seat belts don't really show up on the national health care debates but they should. Why you ask? Let me equivocate.

Think of our government as an overprotective mother that wants nothing more than to protect its dependents. Yeah, moms hate to see their children hurt but what they really hate is having to pay to fix the occasional boo boo. Under most circumstances a kiss on the forehead or a popsicle will do the trick but occasionally the little buggers are going to need stitches, a cast, or major reconstructive surgery. Our parents dread the thought of paying for such things and so does Uncle Sam. To keep from having to shell out the cash to take care of such things those overprotective moms put helmets, elbow/knee pads, and seat belts on us. to keep from having to do that. Our government does a couple of those things too.

You must wear a seat belt (with the exception of truck drivers in New Hampshire) when you operate a motor vehicle otherwise you have to pay a fine. Most states require helmets when riding a motorcycle though they usually allow very small ones about the size of a yarmulke that offer little to no protection. Talking and texting in cars is slowly becoming illegal everywhere as well though that is to protect other motorists as well as offenders in the same way drunk driving laws work.

Once the first wave of health care bills are tallied up our fearless (hapless?) leaders will realize that we get hurt a lot and they'll be faced with a difficult choice. Either tax the shit out of us to cover it or force citizens to be a whole lot safer by introducing more laws to nanny us.

Helmets - No more beanie caps. If you ride a motorcycle, moped, or scooter expect a federal law to require a full safety helmet no exceptions.

Seat belts - You better believe there will be stiffer fines for not wearing one.

Talking/Texting while driving - Illegal everywhere. Hands free will be the way to be. This is a good idea actually.

Protective gear - If you ride a motorcycle you won't be able to go for a ride wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Along with that full helmet you'll be forced to wear pretty much what the guys who race motorcycles wear. Have fun on that summer ride as you bake in leather or kevlar.

Hot water - There could be limits on how hot your water heater can be. We can't have you accidentally scalding yourself now can we. Boiling water for cooking may also be reviewed for safety.

Many outdoor activities like rock-climbing, hang gliding and other potentially dangerous activities may also be rendered illegal.

Pretty much anything that could seriously injure you could potentially require either a license or will just be outlawed. It seems drastic now but just you wait.

Have you heard anybody mention food? Fatties are a problem in this country. Anybody who has seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution know what they're feeding kids in schools and how bad it is for them. So long processed foods. All foods will have to be healthy to keep health care costs for fatties down. They can't force you to exercise but the FDA can certainly pick and choose what is available at the grocery store and in restaurants/cafeterias.

I may just be talking out my ass but I think I make a valid point. It's this kind of paranoid government protection that we're facing. Take a look at nanny states like the UK and tell me that can't happen here.

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