Friday, July 23, 2010

Four For Friday

...because five is too many.

1. Insects
I have nothing against insects or at least I had nothing against insects. I can ignore swealtering temps during the summer for the most part but all these damned bugs need to die. If they're not hitching a ride into the house on my shirt or eating my plants they're biting me. A moth just flew into my coffee cup. Fuck 'em.

2. Lawn care
I just wanted to say that my lawn is freaking incredible this year. I have easily the best lawn in my neighborhood if not the entire county which puts me pretty high up in the running of best in the state. In the grand scheme of things I really don't do that much. I mow and edge at least once a week but and I water whenever nature refuses to do it for me. I seed and fertilize every other month as well. I can mow both the front and back yard (two passes for each mind you) in less than an hour. Why the hell can't my neighbor manage to at least water and mow more than once a month? It could be that the mowing process takes him 2 hours. He prefers to bag his clippings because mulching (what I do) doesn't yield as healthy a lawn. Apparently his thin, blotchy lawn is healthier than mine. Go figure. I'd like to tell him that he wouldn't have to bag it if he'd just mow the damn thing once a week. I'm tempted to start doing it for him.

3. Self starters
I love self starters. Unfortunately I don't get to deal with a lot of them. Instead I get people who know they're being sent some place to fix a specific thing. Upon arrival they stand there and complain that nobody has provided any instruction on how to go about fixing it. I'd throw a fit if I took my car to a mechanic for an ignition problem and he spends three hours making phone calls to God knows where for instructions on where he should start. IT'S YOUR JOB TO DO SOME EXPLORATORY WORK AND FIND OUT WHAT IS WRONG!!!

4. Road Trip
It can't get here soon enough. I need a vacation.

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  1. I agree...our lawn is awesome. And bugs suck.

    63 days until we leave on our road trip!