Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is why I do the things I do

Perspective is a funny thing. My highs and lows are marked by where I perceive myself to be.

Sometimes I get a little down because of the people living near me. Other times I'm really happy because of the person that lives even closer to me. My wife rocks. Since I spend a great deal of my time at work my mind is on my job and why I do it.

The monetary compensation is obvious but it goes a lot deeper than that. Do I need the money? Of course. It's how I pay for my stuff. The quality of said stuff is on the better end but I can live without a great deal of it. All I really need is food, transportation, and shelter. I'm not sure if I could settle for less now that I've gotten a taste for the good stuff. If I absolutely lost anything I guess I could live in a crappy apartment, drive a shit box, and eat Ramen for every meal. Thankfully I don't.

Those essential items along with my luxury items have a very specific purpose. They make waiting for death tolerable. The money I make has a long term purpose. I'm essentially saving up for my cremation which will be THE last time my money will be spent on me unless my children decide to dedicate a library or plant a tree (though I'd prefer grass) in my name using whatever cash I leave them but really that's more for them so my cremation is it for me.

Thank God I'm done with work for today. I'm off to mow my lawn.

Saving up for cremation.

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