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Disney World Trip Report - Day 7 and 8

Our last day in Florida wasn't very exciting so I'm combining the last two days.


Waking up on the last day was a bit of a challenge. We were fairly tired which is pretty typical for the end of our trip. We hit up the food court and did our routine. I usually polish off my breakfast but I just couldn't do it this morning. It was like there was no room in my stomach. That last detail is a big deal as I'm always hungry. I chugged my orange juice which was a really bad idea because it felt like it simply filled up my esophagus and never actually reached my stomach. My body was telling me to go back to the room and go back to sleep but I got really sick on our last trip and had to spend half a day in bed but never really felt better.

We hit the bus and went to Animal Kingdom. I had absolutely no energy. We wanted to get fast passes for Expedition Everest so that was our first stop. I made Jill walk slow in hopes that I'd get a burst of energy sooner or later. We even stopped for a photo. Can you tell that I feel lousy?

The stand by line was short so we quickly grabbed Fast passes and got in line. We buzzed through fairly quick but I noticed that it was extremely hot in the queue. Jill said it wasn't so I figured it was just a hot flash. By the time we hit the last room of the queue I was sweating. While waiting in the secondary queue for the front seat I began to feel dizzy and told Jill I needed to go and sit down so we got out of line. As we made our way out I began to feel my stomach turning so I immediately started considering how far away the nearest rest room was. Needless to day I didn't make it very far. I've always had the ability to make it to a toilet, sink, or trash can to throw up in but the Disney park style cans aren't easy to shove one's face in so I used the next best thing which was a nearby bush.

My horrified wife could only look on as I staggered to a nearby bench so I wouldn't fall over into the bush I just puked in. I proceeded to evacuate what can only be described as three meals worth of food and liquid. Jill waited patiently as a nearby cast member of the custodial persuasion decided he picked the wrong day to come into work. I drank some water and went to the restroom to freshen up. What a magical morning.

It was a good thing we prefer the front seat on Expedition Everest otherwise I'd have vomited on the ride and that wouldn't have been a good thing.

After that I felt fine but Jill made me sit on a bench and drink more water. I insisted that I was fine but she was skeptical so we walked over to Camp Mini Mickey since we had never been there. It was a long walk and we took a few breaks along the way so I could get my strength back. I could see why we had never gone over there before and we'll not likely go ever again.

Donald thinks that boot looks delicious.

See, I'm fine.

We wandered around for a bit snapping photos here and there on our way back from Tallahassee or wherever Camp Mini Mickey was stashed.

I wanted to go on Dinosaur so that's what we did. I didn't get sick so the only thing flying through the air in there were meteors. Just little ones. I grabbed a couple of Fast Passes just because.

Hey look! Our Fast Passes for Expedition Everest are ready to go. I made it through the queue this time and my nice folks on our expedition made it through without my sharing any of my previous meals with them.

Even though I was feeling pretty good I was really exhausted still so I asked if we could go back the hotel for lunch and a nap. We ate at the food court and I restored some much needed electrolytes.

I fell asleep almost immediately as did Jill so I didn't feel too bad when we woke up. We usually scoff at people that take time out of their day for a nap but we may do this again on a future trip. It was a really good nap.

Look at how well rested and not sick I look.

Epcot was going to be the high note we ended our trip on. Of course Spaceship Earth was the first on our agenda. We were going to ride that adrenaline rush for awhile so we just wandered about, sat on benches, and looked at creeps.

It's funny how we do the same thing over and over. If you were about to say, "Then you guys went to Morocco for mint tea and baklava." you'd be correct. That's what we did. Rather than sitting at a table next to a family discovering that they don't like falafel we found this table away from the hustle and bustle. By the time we finished our tea and baklava people decided that we looked way too comfortable so they sat at the other table next to us. We got up and left but not before I glared at them for ruining our moment of zen.

While Jill used the restroom I wandered over to the stage where "Mo'Rockin" was starting their show. They were pretty darned good. So good in fact the belly dancin' lady came over to shake her lady bits. Moments later she got some little girls from the crowd to dance with her thus eliminating any impure thoughts among the various men in the crowd.

We wanted to go back to Future World but the walk was drawing objections from our feet. I noticed that the ferry was dropping people off at the nearby dock so I suggested we take the boat across since neither of us had ever done it. I still think the boats are on rails but again I was assured by my beautiful wife that they aren't.

This put us closer to Norway than we were before so Maelstrom subjected us to the spirit of Norway one last time. It was excellent.

Not having our fill of boat rides in the dark we also stopped in Mexico for the boat ride. When it was done we got off and left the world showcase. I'm gonna miss it.

We did a little bit of shopping for stuff then cashed in the Fast Passes we got earlier in the for Test Track. I don't know about 5 year old boy. 65 year old boy maybe.

Reality was starting to sink in at this point since we realized that as we made our way back it was going to be awhile before we'd see any of that stuff again. It was bitter sweet. The sweetness lay ahead of us in the form of Spaceship Earth. This was our tenth and last time riding it. For a change we picked German for our language. For those wondering, Dame Judi Dench doesn't speak a lick of German. It was some other younger and less distinguished broad. Auf wiedersehen Raumschiff Erde und Epcot.

With heavy hearts we left Epcot and got on the dreaded bus for one last time. We had our last dinner at the food court which consisted of "safe" foods to ensure I wouldn't have a repeat of this morning on the way to the airport. When we got back to our room waiting on our doorknob was our Magical Express departure stuff. What a bummer. We packed up just about everything except what we'd need the next morning and fell asleep on that uncomfortable bed for the last time.


We got up early so we could do our final packing and check our bags and get our boarding passes. We managed to use all of our dining credits which culminated another safe breakfast washed down with Powerade because of, you know, electrolytes. After that we went back to our room one last time to ponder our trip and kill some time before we had to leave. We tossed our reusable mugs because we already have a bunch at home we never use and I don't feel like having to use the step stool to put them on one of the top shelves never to be used again. There also wasn't any room in our bags for them. No big loss.

Waiting for the Magical Express bus tends to suck. They tell you to get there a few days before the bus arrives which is funny because it's always about 15 minutes late or at least it is for us. It was last time and it was this time. Waiting isn't a huge deal because we can mess around on our phones and stare at the other zombies. The only real annoyance is that we have to sit with the sun in our faces because we refuse to get there when Disney says we should so we can't take one of the benches that doesn't face the sun. The people waiting near us went all the way back to Nebraska with us. It's a small world... after all.

I've decided that Orlando has a pretty lousy airport. While waiting for our plane to arrive we noticed this creep relaxing nearby. This is the type of person I always end up being stuck next to. Thankfully there were only two seats in our row on both legs so I didn't have to suffer the horrors of some old lady's stinky pillow invading my space. They were on both flights as well but we had a repeat of the two seats on the second leg as well so woot.

As per usual, our bags took their sweet time making the fifty yard trip from the plane to the baggage carousel. Jill waited in the terminal while I ventured out into the cold to fetch our car. Sure enough the snow storm earlier that week left a nice layer of snow and ice on my car that was difficult to remove. I also had a decent amount of snow to stand in. It was supposed to be warm when we got home so I didn't have a hat which meant my ears were numb by the time I was done freeing my car from the icy clutches of Winter. Thankfully Jill was waiting by the curb with our two heavy bags so I didn't have to go inside to look for her.

We stopped to the pick up the dog on the way home. She was pretty darned excited to see us.

Some people hate the end of their Disney World or Disneyland vacations but we're pretty relieved. It's nice to get back to our routines and we have a very comfortable home.

Thanks for joining me on this trip. It will be awhile before we take another so don't expect any musings of travel and leisure from me in the near future. I love you.

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