Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here there be dragons.

This is my fourth consecutive day off from work and still I find myself uneasy about not working. I know that it's imperative to take time off to keep from burning out but I'm used to working all year and taking time off at either the beginning or end of the year. It helps me stay focused on work and projects. I have projects on the burner currently but they're on hold pending several other people finishing what needs to be finished.

What does a person who works from home do on his vacation? I sleep in, eat meals, and watch TV. I spend a little time online doing the things I typically do after work. That creates a problem though. What do I do in the afternoon? I've already looked at everything hat needs to be looked at. I feel like I should be updating spreadsheets and following up with field technicians. I need to relax.

I have a few things to occupy my time. I'm still learning how to use my car. This morning I learned how to run a diagnostics report using Sync. I need to drive it around for a little bit to actually pull information. I also need to call the finance company and have them update our information. My wife's name is not Jull.

I have a yard that needs TLC. If the weather wasn't crappy today I'd be out back pulling weeds. It's a little depressing working on the back lawn because it's in really bad shape. Our front lawn is doing fairly well but that could be because of the lawn treatments that are done to it. This year I wanted to see if I could do it better but it's becoming apparent that I am not doing a good job. I could also blame the crappy sod that was laid last year which sounds good to me.

We're going to hit up the zoo on Thursday for the heck of it then maybe do some light traveling this weekend around Iowa. Maybe I'll put up some pictures.


  1. and maybe you'll work on your song?

  2. Yeah, Graham! Work on that song! Do you need inspiration??

  3. I will as soon as my guitar strings get here.