Friday, May 15, 2009

Winding down

My vacation is coming to an end not unlike a dark ride at Disneyland. I'm just about to the court room on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride about to meet my doom in the form of a flashlight flying over my head. I don't think my vacation will end in Hell amidst laughing devils but you never know these days.

I haven't been able to finish my tune because our postal service feels the need to put my strings on a shelf to wait until the appropriate amount of days have passed to ensure I'm reminded of why FedEx and UPS are superior. It's not that Omaha doesn't have places to buy strings. It probably has a crap load. I don't know where they are and I'm not inclined to go looking. Amazon sells what I want and need. My fingers are crossed for a delivery in the next day or so. I'm equally excited about the aeration sandals that are coming as well. They'll probably suck which means I'll spend the next month re-engineering them to work while I should be doing things like finishing my damn song.

They say a writer writes and a musician plays. I work so that would definitely make me a loser. I used to write songs back in the day. I never had the inclination (the means were always there) to record any of it. Once I started the process of finishing things I tend to get a little melancholy about it. I'm thinking it's because I hate the prospect of finishing something and not having anything to do afterward. Maybe that's why I tend to leave the last bite of food when I eat. It's not that I don't want it and it's not that I'm full. I just have this mental block that says, "Don't let this be over." The funny thing is that I know damn well that the last bite I take is my last bite. I'm irrational.

I need a beard but growing one is such an exhausting undertaking. A week of firm hairs stabbing my neck where my second chin rests on my Adam's apple. Add to that the fact that I look like Jimmy the Cab Driver while working my way towards that indie rocker look I don't even remotely fit.

Enough about my problems. Here is a picture of a stupid car I parked next to today. I think these cars should change their name from Smart to Dumb because that's what they are.


  1. That car makes the Truckster look like a beast!

  2. That's the best picture I've ever seen... hands down. I'm sure you're proud... I'd be.

    The Versa has a name... Hamster. cause I'm pretty sure that's what powers my engine. (Hammy; affectionately.)


  3. Dumb car? Oh, Graham! I'm disappointed. I LOVE Smart cars. Your Truckster DOES look like a beast next to the Smart car. hehe. Too funny.

    We called our Toyota Yaris, Dash. Like from The Incredibles. That thing is zippy!

    Oh, and a Versa?! WHOO HOOO! It's our cousin!

  4. Randy,
    You need to take a road trip so I can see your new wheels. Take Brian. He needs to get away.