Saturday, July 4, 2009

I have nothing for you

It's difficult to blog when you don't do anything. I could talk about current events but let's be honest, everybody knows what is happening with the economy and Michael Jackson was not really an integral part of my adolescence. Because of that I've decided to share some Bollywood goodness. Here is how they do He Man.

It's God awful but at the same time it's brilliant. My wife hit the nail on the head when she stated that every musical number sounds the same. Since I don't speak Injun I'll simply assume every song is written by the same person. The John Williams of India if you will. I've actually seen quite a bit of what Bollywood has to offer the world. Most of it was by accident. I used to service a few Indian restaurants when I worked as a field tech at my job. I must say the films are much more enjoyable when they're not competing with the smell of Indian food. I'm sure they're even better when you know what's happening. I'd sometimes create my own story and do the subtitles in my head. I tried to stay as close to the subject matter that I thought was being presented.

On one occasion there was a film where the actors spoke English here and there. What a mind fuck that was. Here I was with a charming romantic comedy about a guy who likes to visit the park and feed the ducks every day on account of his obsessive compulsive tendencies. He catches the eye of a very attractive lady that couldn't possibly be interested in him even if he didn't wear tight pants and have a moustache. Little did I know that she was learning English from the guy and that the park was a nice setting for a musical number. Fuck.

I like "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon. That song fucking rocks.

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