Sunday, July 19, 2009

I used some tools

I had a manly weekend. I got my butt up at the crack of 10am on Saturday and enjoyed a very cool morning digging a trench in the backyard and laying mulch. I like using shovels and my wheel barrow. Later on in the day I hung up some mounting hardware so I can hang my wheelbarrow up out of the way. I've been on an organizing kick in the garage.

The in-laws came over later on in the day and I cooked meat using fire. It was awesome. We went on a walk and made fun of the neighbor's crappy yards.

Today was equally awesome. I drove all over the place trying to find cheapo cabinets to mount over my work bench. I should have just gone to Home Depot first and saved myself the trouble since nobody else had anything. They went together pretty quick and didn't give me any trouble going up which I surprised the crap out of me. I picked up some additional hardware for some extra shelves. Everything is up but they were out of peg board so I may try something different to mount my tools. They're pretty ugly right now but at least everything is put away. I'm also modifying my saw horses so I can store them easily. I cheaped out on those instead of getting the fancy plastic ones that fold flat. We're going to spring for a snowblower later this year so I'll need a place to store it. I'm pretty jazzed about my garage.

I'll tinker with it a little more this week. Having a garage rules.


  1. You are a nerd. But the garage does look pretty awesome. :)

  2. Thanks honey. I'm glad somebody reads my blog.