Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trail blazin'

It's Tuesday and I'd like to say I'm at a crossroads but I'd have to be on a path to reach that point. Those of us that blaze a trail of our own don't encounter off ramps or any kind of delineation with the exception of whatever may impede our progress through the fields of uncertainty. We stomp hard so those who follow us know where we've been.

As was noted in an earlier post I turned 31 last week. I typically see another year as one step closer to the grave and I am working my way towards that demise. It's a screwed up way to look at it but only if you don't enjoy the means at which you make it happen. I don't enjoy the means in which I'm making it happen but I'm trying to.

At work I find trenches where I can hunker down and fight my battles and trust that the lack of skill among those that surround me will ensure my progress. True, they can take you down with them and in many cases they do. The trick is to avoid obstacles. I used to do quite a bit of research and development but most of that work involved me identifying obstacles which I was and still am very good at. Today it's mostly reports and very little problem solving. I lack the tools to motivate my guys into doing their jobs but I've found a solution as of late.

It's incredible how much people do to keep from getting hassled. That's the crux of it really. They don't want to be told over and over to do their jobs so they do their jobs. It's micro-management on my part which sucks but in the long run it builds habits for both of us.

Let's talk about habits since I don't want to talk about work. I have habits like any human being though they're more like routines. I mow the lawn once a week. I've been trying to do the front and back on different days so I get additional time to enjoy it. My only other habit is keeping my car clean. Aside from those inane activities I don't have anything that I feel the need to do besides, eat, poop, and go to work.

I want to write music but it's hard to sit down and reflect on your life when there isn't much going on. I just don't see myself writing songs about visiting my in laws or mowing the lawn though I'm sure I could write plenty about the latter. I think I just need to find a way out of this funk I'm in and find a way to do with my life as I've done with work. I need to put on my big shoes and start wearing a path through somebody's yard.


  1. I was talking with my friend Sharon, and she had a question for your Ask Graham column. Actually it was more of a threat...

    It went something like this:
    I told her how you love your lawn so much that you blog about it often.
    She asked if you drove a riding mower.
    I didn't think so, and I communicated my uncertainty.
    She then said, "How unmanly... you can tell him I said that. I want you to."

    You can imagine my shock and bewilderment! She was calling you out, and as your brother, I need you to account for your manliness! So here's my question. You can use my name. I'm not ashamed.

    Is it, or is it not more manly to use needlessly heavy machinery for a home improvement job? Or is it considered more manly to efficiently mow your lawn with an appropriately sized mower for the size of your lawn?

    Thank you

  2. A riding mower in our sized lawn would be pretty hilarious looking.

    Where exactly does this girl live? Apparently in a neighborhood with very large lawns? Or perhaps out in the country somewhere?