Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting Better

I got my stiches out on Tuesday and had the half cast removed. I just wear a compression sleeve and a hinged arm brace now which has improved my daily life quite a bit.

I can take a shower now which is awesome. My arm was so nasty underneath all that stuff so it was good to scrub it down. I still have to be careful around the incision site which is fine because I'm too afraid to scrub it. The best part is not having to bag my arm and clumsily bathe in the tub. I still have clean myself with one arm but it's better.

My arm is still very weak due to muscle and tissue damage but I can change Henry's clothes and diapers with minimal struggle. I still can't pick him up which means Jill still has to suffer. I can only lift about two lbs.

Typing is still a challenge sine I can only make a fist with my left hand. As the nerves and muscles heal I should get all of that back. My only other issue is the limited motion of the arm and the swelling. I really want this compression sleeve off.

My job until my next appointment it to touch my nose which is still really hard. I hope I buff up enough to do it so they can give me more motion in the arm. Day by day.

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