Thursday, June 12, 2014

Still Broken

I had a better day yesterday. I'm on Zofran for nausea now which Jill thinks is psychosomatic. She's probably right. I'm a pretty anxious person to begin with so I'm just watching the clock/calendar while I heal.

My hand still doesn't work very well but that's to be expected. I was told to move my fingers so that's what I do but it's exhausting. Every now and then I move my arm in a funny way and it hurts. That's probably also making me anxious.

I took a bath last night because I get dirty really quick now. I'm going to try to make to next week's appointment with just one more deep cleaning. Hopefully whatever they  do on Tuesday will improve my mobility. This half cast and gauze  wrap sucks. The itching where my stitches are also sucks.

I just want to fast forward. My anniversary is on Tuesday and the only thing I'm giving my wife is another day of having to take care of Henry on her own. I'm a shittastic husband.

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