Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Happy Place

Things suck for me these days. My job sucks and I've been nursing an arm back to health for almost two months now. My neighbors suck to the point of where any weekend they're home is a ruined weekend. I manage to not blow my brains out by looking at my wife and son and going to my happy place.

It's a place I'll never get to fully realize but I get to go there in my mind.

I wake up on a Thursday morning. I feed my son and eat a bowl of cereal. I won't be going to work because I don't have to. I have enough money so I don't have to work. I look out the back window and instead of neighbors having a beer at 9:30AM I see a modest property surrounded by trees. If I opened the window, I'd only hear nature.

Jill gets to sleep in.

I play with Henry for a bit and then get cleaned up. Henry gets some lunch and a nap then we all go downtown to Ted and Wally's for some ice cream. We went to the zoo yesterday. We'll visit the botanical gardens tomorrow.

No mansions. No sports cars. No yachts. Just comfortable living with all of my focus on my family. That's my happy place.

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