Sunday, March 22, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Even though it's not really Monday yet I still feel the pressure of the pending work week.

It's getting so every weekend results in countless disasters that I get to spend the next week resolving. New procedures have also forced me to start doing my month end stuff a week earlier than I normally would.

In unrelated news. I need to exercise, eat better and regularly, and probably get a better night's sleep. I should also get some music in there too. I'll probably finish getting the final tweaks done to my laptop so I can do my recording on it. That way I can go to a quiet part of the house and not disturb the wife while I try to sing. And yes Randy, I will finish the song.


  1. FYI: The new song would have been Heroes & Villains... I thought, "What a great song to cover!" Then I listened to it and decided to not act crazy.

    The new song will be: I Make The Dead - Satisfaction
    We will start the countdown the day after you submit Jesusland. Only one month this time... sucka

  2. Sigh. Okay. I think I could do H&V better. Maybe I'll pick that one the next time out. You're probably right to pick the Satisfaction song though.