Thursday, April 30, 2009

And then there were two

The Pathfinder went back to Nissan today. I'm completely satisfied with my new car and then some. Still I felt a little sad leaving it there. It's the trusty steed that carried Jill and I out of California. I'm sure for that reason alone many people back in the golden state probably don't like it.

I'll try my damnedest to make this the last car post for awhile. I have an unholy obsession with the automobile that stems back to my earliest years.

Jill's car has a new mate in the garage. They're pretty happy together. The sharp edge of the Pathfinder's rear door will never threaten the Sentra ever again.

The only issue we currently have besides Jill's insistence that she will not be able to drive the Flex (she will) is the backup warning system built into the rear bumper. Anything within 6' of the rear end sets it off so I get to hear an annoying beep as I back out of the driveway. They say if you have to nitpick there's nothing wrong so I consider myself lucky.

We have a potential short road trip coming up so I'd like to get the mileage up to at least 500 before some heavy highway miles.

I'd find creative ways to celebrate my new car but I've promised to keep the car blogs to a minimum so this is pretty much it. Yup. That's it. I love my new car.


  1. I also felt a little sad giving the Pathfinder back. I'm not sure why since I was never totally in love with it or anything. Just an odd feeling giving it back. Maybe it's because I'm a hoarder or something.

  2. Last year, when we got the Yaris, Matt sold is old P.O.S. car. While I HATED that car and everything about it... we did have some fun road trip memories in it and it was kind of sad to lose Frozone (our name for the Dynasty). But, we got Dash and all is right in the world now.

    Actually, the worst part was only 3 months later having to tell Matt that the kid was in an accident with Frozone because something pretty major in him blew. The kid was fine but they decided to send Frozone to car heaven. Matt actually got choked up thinking about the car not being in existance anymore. He loved that silly piece of junk. :)

  3. I miss my truck... the board members at the grove call the versa the "mighty white fart" ... :(

    Sometimes when I see a friend driving alongside of me, I like to outrun them... It's not easy anymore.

    I filled my tank yesterday... it was only $25... :)