Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter, Phil's Dad, and my lawn...

Spring has sprung though I launched like somebody tipped over the bucket I've been hiding in all Winter. I was a little more excited about maintaining my yard last year though it really only consisted of a lawn which I would later modify by removing a portion of it and replacing it with large pebbles. It was exciting for me I assure you. I blame my lack of enthusiasm on the death of said lawn during this last Winter.

It was hastily cast over our yard last Summer upon completion of the home my wife and I bought. Gaps were left though little did I know that the consistency of our new lawn was compromised. What was supposedly a mix of fescue and bluegrass was more fescue with chunks of bluegrass. Imagine, if you will, fresh baked cookies that your friend made for the very first time. Bite number one greets you with a blast of chocolate and the right amount of cookie. You greedily take the next bite which consists of a much higher concentration of baking powder that didn't quite get mixed in. It's kind of like that. We've got a patchwork quilt of fescue and bluegrass. Here's the kicker. The fescue doesn't start growing when the bluegrass does so we have these pristine patches of bluegrass surrounded by dead fescue.

If I still have your attention at this point, I'm pleased to say I met Phil Keoghan's dad from last season's The Amazing Race. I met Phil too but his dad was awesome. I'm joking of course. It was nice to see Phil taking time with everybody and cracking wise. He signed a copy of his book which I am about to start reading. I'm certain upon finishing I'll feel lousy about not doing more with my life. Maybe I'll bike across the US or something. And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot.


  1. Here's a photo of our lovely backyard...

  2. It's like our yard has herpes.