Friday, May 21, 2010

HOT DAMN! It's Friday!

I'm in a pretty good mood today so I'm going to talk about stuff I like. It's easy for me to complain about stuff I hate because there are so many asinine things out there to scoff at. Here's some stuff I like.

1. Hall & Oates

Freaking rad. Show me somebody who doesn't like Hall & Oates and I'll show you somebody that doesn't have an ounce of soul. I can barely describe just how good Hall & Oates is. The hooks are as addictive as crack and John Oates has an honest to God Tom Selleck moustache. I'm actually convinced that they share a moustache which is why you never see them together. Tom has probably been hoarding it as John hasn't been wearing it for some time. Maybe he had it on loan during their heyday.

2. Brownies
Anybody that's seen me polish off a pan of brownies knows that I love brownies. I like pie and cake is pretty good on occasion but brownies are all that is wonderful in the world of food. I hold it in the same high esteem as bacon.
Look at how awesome they are.

3. Station Wagons
I don't know who ruined the station wagon but for everybody. At one point they were the premier family hauler. They were purpose built to traverse the long stretches of highway in our great nation. At some point soccer mom's wanted something large and stupid. I say bring back the station wagon. Road trips rule and so do wagons.
These people are clearly having the time of their life. They just got in off the road and are now going to cruise the Pacific in their yacht.
I drive a station wagon. Ford doesn't call it that but that's exactly what it is.

I promise to have things to hate next week.


  1. He wasn't feeling in THAT good of a mood I suppose. haha.

    Your list is superb. I like all of those things as well. Maybe you should try brownies wrapped in bacon?

    We had an off-white/yellow station wagon when I was a kid. I loved sitting in the back of it. I didn't know it wasn't a "cool" or "hip" car when I was a kid. I like modern station wagons. Maybe because the idea of a hatchback is genius.

  2. Hatchbacks are brilliant.

    **pondering bacon and brownies**