Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Late Rant

I didn't do my Friday rant last week because I had a busy Friday and just wanted to get away from the computer. Here's a quickie to hold you over.

1. Douchebags
These days there is no shortage of douchebags, tools, dickheads, etc. You know who you are. Tribal tattooed, Ed Hardy shirt, Tap Out hat turned backwards, and some pathetic broad paying your bar tab. When did this become okay? I know we've always had an assortment of dickheads out there to give the finger to but it seems that they've incorporated lately.

Not only have women become more dependent on these pricks but now it seems to be something that people aspire to be. Where does the problem lie? It's pretty obvious. The women that dig these guys.

There's no cure for douchbaggery. There isn't going to be some tool prohibition that will end this once and for all. As long as there are girls with low self esteem there will be plenty of assholes to take advantage of them.

My only hope is that my child will not fall into this crowd.

Check this out.

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