Friday, May 7, 2010

This is why we can't have nice things...

I look forward to Fridays. It's nice knowing you won't have to go to work the next day but for me it's more than that. I get to complain about everything that annoyed me in the past week. I don't discriminate. I'll take on everything from the government to your grandma, or even that toe nail that found its way into your sock and is now stabbing your foot. I hate that.

1. The Room
It's an incredible piece of cinema. The title itself immediately lets us know that there is no plot and the filming is mostly isolated to one poorly decorated room. I love a piece garbage film and I'll watch just about anything but this film is completely unwatchable. I tried I really did. I'll make another attempt at one time or another but I really don't... Oh, hi Mark.

2. Cigars
I used to like a nice cigar but with all things my appreciating for something handcrafted is immediately destroyed when douche bags decide they need something obnoxious to accentuate their pinkie rings. Thanks to their new found hobby I suddenly see what I didn't see before. Big brown dicks. That's what they look like now. When I look around a cigar bar I see a bunch of bald(ing) men sucking cigars like there's a $20 in it a for them.

3. Knock off cartoons at Walgreens
As soon as Disney puts out a cartoon it's not very long until the knock offs show up. They only take what I assume are a couple of weeks to do and just barely look like what they're intended to be mimicking. They're designed to pray off of grandmothers that only shop at Walgreens and don't know what a "Toy Story" is. Generally kids don't care as long as it's a cartoon. I was one of those kids that did care. It's in the dollar bin for a reason. Just get me some candy.

4. Separation of church and state
The concept is something I agree in. Keep the government out of churches. Americans have the freedom to believe as they choose or at least they used to. The generalized purpose of keeping the two separate has mutated to a belief that our the US government is to be atheist. The biggest part of atheism is to create more atheists. In essence it's a religion but without an individual deity. The crusaders against religion use the church and state separation to push their beliefs which is in direct contrast to what it should be. The government should be agnostic.

Short list this week which is good. It means people aren't annoying me as much. I will have a good weekend now.

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