Sunday, December 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 — Your favorite movie

I don't have a favorite movie so here are just a few of my favorites. I'd like to get my wife to watch them but I don't think she'd be willing to sit through any of them.

I don't remember the first time I ever saw this but it's been my favorite movie for as long as I've been a film buff.

Yes, two Terry Gilliam films. I like most movies but only the really special ones make it on my list of favorites.

I've got a soft spot for Sling Blade. It's not one of those ones that I watch over and over because I tend to get pretty mopey after watching it.

I love a good western. This is a great one.

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  1. You're right...I have no desire to watch these...haha.