Friday, December 30, 2011

The Mayor of Hateville

Being a curmudgeon isn't always easy. As of late I've found myself smiling and laughing. It could be due to the absence of my dipshit neighbor. It could be the lack of travel. It could be the fact that my wife is pretty awesome. I doubt it's that I'm becoming a happier person.

1. Citi
I just closed our Citi account and will be running the cards through the shredder the moment I get our cancellation letter in the mail. When I ran into trouble with AT&T they did a considerable amount of butt kissing to keep my business. Citi offered me six months with a lower interest rate and a few extra reward points that I can't redeem until I buy $3000 worth of stuff. Thanks but no thanks.

2. Dog buyers
I've complained about these types before. They know who they are. They buy a dog to have around because well... they've always had a dog. In essence, it's like a lamp that they feed. It really burns my ass when somebody I know brags about buying a dog from God knows where especially when I know, for a fact, that the very same type of dog is sitting in a shelter near them waiting to be adopted. Instead they spend their top dollar for an inbred caricature of the shelter dog. It's a dog, not an iPhone. Nobody cares what you spent on it. Then again, nobody cares what they spent for their iPhone either.

3. Android phones
I don't get them. Gigantic phones that do whatever they do. I'm not a phone elitist even though I own what is perceived as the elitists phone. I got it because it was powerful enough for my needs and it fits completely in my pocket. I'd also mention that the lack of apps (due to restrictions by Apple) ensures that my phone is less likely to be filled up with crapware. I drank the Kool-Aid but so did they. The only difference is that mine wasn't poisoned.

4. Glee
Fuck this show. Fuck the cast. Fuck the music. Fuck Lea Michele.

5. Winter
Where the fuck is my winter? It's snowed twice and one of those was more of a dusting. I'd be willing to forgive the lack of precipitation if it wasn't so damned warm.

6. Ron Paul and his pothead followers
What a gigantic group of losers. They read the blogs, petition their friends, and preach the ideas. Why? Because they want to be able to smoke weed wherever and whenever they want. I don't care that you want to smoke weed all the time. I just don't want to hear about how you want to smoke weed all the time. Pick up a book or something. Reddit doesn't count as literature.

7. Google+
Wow, what an pile of shit. I don't know what's more depressing. The lack of activity or those that still post there. The only thing currently missing is a row of crack houses.

8. Graham
I didn't make any music this year. It figures. Now that I have the means to produce my own music I can't come up with anything. Every time I venture out I realize that I simply need/want more stuff to do it with. If I were to obtain those items I don't think it would make a difference.

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