Thursday, January 12, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 – What kind of person attracts you?

I'd be lazy and say my wife attracts me but I'm not lazy like some people I know. I like redheads perhaps because I'm bored with coifs of a different hue. No, it's because redheads are awesome. That's pretty much it in the appearances department. I'm not overly superficial so looks aren't really important. Traditionally attractive ladies don't really get my attention. If anything I see the effort that goes into their appearance which isn't a good thing. It only makes their imperfections more apparent. If I'm watching a movie I'll usually find myself checking out the quirky supporting lady instead of Kathrine Heigl but that could simply be because I hate her.

I'm attracted to personality above all else. Sense of humor is a big one since generally, people are more attractive when they smile. I like spontaneity and I mean actual spontaneity. Not the contrived, "Look at me, I'm being spontaneous!" kind of spontaneity. More along the lines of making up a song about me grinding coffee beans while I grind coffee beans. I find that many people plan on being spontaneous and that's just sad.

Most people say they're attracted to people that like the same things they like. While that's mostly true I've had girlfriends that pretended to like what I liked in order to relate to me. Honesty tends to be more apparent in the dislike of things. My wife and I both dislike the same stuff which is more sincere since people tend not to fake disdain.

I'm lazy so it's nice to have somebody else that's lazy with me. I'd choose a movie at home over a movie in the theater though I like the occasional outing every now and then.

I like long legs and a good butt as well.

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