Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another foray into music

My brother and I occasionally challenge each other to cover the same song by ourselves then after a month of procrastination we play them for each other and laugh hysterically. I usually overdo it and either give up or turn in my overcooked song. I promised myself I would do neither this time.

It was a long battle between my horrendously underpowered computer and myself to compose and record a cover of Henry Nilsson's "One." I think I did a decent job considering my lack of recording ability and instruments not to mention a shoddy singing voice and a key that was way too high for me. Here's what I ended up with.

Rather than try to come up with something original I just did a hodgepodge of the Henry Nilsson and Aimee Man version. Sadly, it's one of my better tunes.

I did a slightly better mix and did what I could to cover up the nastiness at the end.


  1. I think it's a good song! Good job! The picture makes me laugh though.

  2. I just found out I have one more day so I'm going to try to fix those nasty vocal tracks.

  3. I really like it!!! I wanna hear more of your stuff!

  4. There's more to come. I'm still learning how to mix a song properly. It would probably sound better if I knew how to produce music. I was reworking the whole song again with different music but my computer crashed while I was mixing it down. I'll have to do it all over. Thankfully I do have the mixed down skeleton track.

  5. Thanks dude. I'd say not to shabby considering the tools (or lack of tools) that I used to do it.