Friday, August 6, 2010

Yup... It's friday again.

It seems like less and less time is passing between each Friday. This is good I guess because I'm still finishing all my work. The only bummer is that my 32nd birthday is getting here fast.

1. Holy fuck it's hot!!!
It's no secret that I loathe summer. It's the primary reason I left California. I don't understand how anybody can like sweating profusely unless they're taking part in the physical act of love making. It baffles me whenever I hear people talking about how they can't wait for it to warm up. Maybe it's because I don't like tanning or wearing bikini's. Either way this summer thing has got to go.

2. Making peace with the neighbors
I've been a home owner for a short time but I think I'm getting better with the whole neighbor thing. While I wish we lived in a neighborhood that had strict rules with regards to what people can do I generally don't mind what the riffraff are doing these days. Generally everybody takes care of their yards to some extent.

Whenever I start to get annoyed I simply think about truly crappy neighbors and consider myself lucky. Growing up I lived near people who had notoriously bad yards. I'm sure you've seen them. Mower sitting in the middle of the yard completely engulfed in overgrown tall grass and weeds. I've always wondered how it got to be that way.
Obviously that's not the preferred storage place for a mower so the owner of it had to have reached that point while mowing. Did they run out of gas? Did they decide that the first strip they mowed was enough for them so they vowed never to mow again? Maybe the homeowner had a heart attack and nobody bothered to put his mower away. These are the things that keep me up at night.

3. Am I the only person that notices these things?
My lovely wife recently brought it to my attention that I notice the strangest things. Things a normal person wouldn't notice or question. Perhaps it's because I'm hypervigilant and everything annoys me. Anyhoo here are some of the strange things I've noticed.
In a "Revenge of the Nerds" movie there was a robot at their frat house bringing somebody a sandwich. My first thought was, "Are we to believe that the robot made that sandwich?" Clearly the robot was capable of little more than carrying things and rolling on wheels so somebody would have had to have made the sandwich then put it on the tray. Why couldn't they just walk it out there? It would have been a whole hell of a lot quicker. If I was that robot I would have attacked them.
We were watching "Taken" the other night and there was a scene where Liam Neeson was using a bag of groceries to sneak into an apartment building. I assume it was to appear like he was coming home and waiting for somebody to open the door. The bag was full of baguettes and had fresh produce sticking out the top. It was a huge bag. The logical side of me said he needed the large bag of groceries to keep his hands full. The analytical side of me pondered him at the grocery store buying a lot of obviously expensive shit that he had no intention of eating. Why not just buy a crap load of rice or something. It would still be heavy enough to maintain the desired illusion and you wouldn't be out $40 for all those gourmet items.


  1. I really love all of your random observations during movies. They crack me up!

    Happy Friday!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! The last movie observation thing made me LOL in front of a customer.

    At first when you started talking about a grocery bag the image in my mind was "brown paper bag with celery and bread sticking out of a top." Just like in every other movie that has a scene where people carry a grocery bag.

  3. The grocery bag was rather ridiculous after Graham pointed it out. I mean, Liam went to Paris to find his daughter who had been kidnapped. And he takes all that time to fill a grocery bag with loaves of bread, fresh produce, and who knows what else? It was just too funny when Graham pointed it out. (And it's little things like that, that remind me why I love him...haha!)

  4. lol that is stuff that I would point out and Matt will say, 'It's not relevant! Just watch the movie!" haha.

    But, Matt bothers me when he asks where everyone is FROM! I mean, EVERYONE! I don't know why it's so relevant to know where each girl on a college basketball team is from or every actor in a movie. He is so inquisitive about that its crazy.

  5. It is too relevant! John Cusack's character in "Grosse Pointe Blank" has a cat. What's that poor cat doing while he spends what appears to be a month back in his home town? It's not like he's going to let a random neighbor have the keys to his place. Does his assistant take care of the kitty? No! He pretty much lays her off at the end of the film. Does he board it? Does he even go back there after deciding to move back to Grosse Pointe? These are questions that go unanswered and leave people like me wondering if there is a little skeleton wearing a collar that says "Boots" on it laying next to a pile of junk mail.

  6. That's something I would notice, Graham.

    After watching Inception a few weeks ago I was going nuts with questions and possible scenerios and Matt just took it as it was fed to him. He thinks it is what it is and doesn't care to ponder anymore on little things. Grrrr...