Friday, August 20, 2010

The terrible two

It's Friday and I'm not inspired in the least. Here's a short list.

1. Stubbornness crusades
We all have things we believe in. There's nothing wrong in having beliefs be it following a deity or avoiding animal based products. I'll still like you because you're unique. The buck stops there though.

The rest of you that take symbolic stands for the sake of laziness, cheapness, or ignorance need to knock it off. If the city erected a "No Parking Anytime" sign next to your favorite parking spot that doesn't mean there is a grace period and "fighting the system" by parking there anyway only makes you look like an illiterate ass. If your cars gas cap says "Premium Fuel" only, suck it up and spend the extra $3 per tank. If you don't like it buy something designed to run on the cheap stuff. Don't try to tell me that it doesn't make a difference and your car is fine without it. Just admit that you're cheap.

I understand that it's the American way to disregard those around you and do as you wish but when you park illegally, neglect your yard, dump your used oil into the storm drains you're passiveness attitude towards your civil obligations actively annoy and sometimes endanger those around you. Take a moment and think about somebody else every now and then. You may be unhappy for awhile after realizing that you're an asshole but you'll get over it.

2. Coming up with stuff to complain about
Occasionally I such a mundane week that I can't think of things that annoy me. This is a challenge because everything annoys me. Perhaps it's because it's my birthday week and everybody was super nice to me. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal.


  1.'re lame... does that help? :)

  2. Let's talk about my brother for a minute. His attempts to be clever have become half-assed and sad. Clearly his newly discovered sense of affection for a particular member of the fairer sex have stunted his ability to be witty. May God have mercy on his soul.