Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm a blogging fool

I think I blog more when I'm in a good mood which is a little strange because I tend to blog about things that bother me.

1. People who don't get/like sarcasm
I get that people don't like being made fun of but this rampant disdain for sarcastic people needs to stop. Perhaps I never noticed how many people who just don't understand sarcasm because I haven't done as much internetting as I've been doing lately. Not a day goes by where I read a negative message board post in reply to absolutely nothing. The internet has always been a group of people enjoying lighthearted socializing but now that everybody and their brother has it there is this subculture of people looking to be offended. Here is a completely serious response for them. Nobody is out to get you. You're not special. Get over yourself and try to have a good time.

2. Disney
I'll do my best not to step on toes here but I've got big feet. What is the deal with Disney fanaticism? I love theme parks as much as the next person but my life doesn't revolve around the Disney parks like it does for other people. I'm not really well traveled but I don't hold Disney World or Disneyland as the pinnacle of travel. I'll still happy make a yearly pilgrimage to one of the parks but I don't live for it. Perhaps if I lived in Kentucky.

3. Abusive patrons
My encounters with the people that comprise the first two topics have further exposed me to the growing number of Earthlings looking for somebody to complain to. They somehow think that they're entitled to more than everybody else. Being an elitist I can understand an inflated sense of self worth but I don't go around looking for things that disappoint me in an effort to get treat somebody like shit. The Disney types are disappointed when Disney doesn't kiss their ass and provide for their hatred of whatever is pissing them off at any given moment. Some don't even discriminate when selecting annoyances. They just want to abuse the various employees they encounter from day to day. Next time you want to berate some poor barrista for putting whipped cream on your Double Carmel Macchiato Soy Frappuccino take a moment to consider this.

Think of the most recent incident at your job that ruined your day. It can be anything from a mean boss to an angry client or somebody drinking the Shasta you brought from home. Think about how your pleasant day had been compromised. Think about it long and hard. You've ruined somebody's day. They may very well have been incredibly happy and you shit all over them. Now they get to spend the rest of the day thinking about your lack of compassion. You took happiness from them just so you could feel better about yourself. Enjoy your beverage asshole.


  1. I love sarcasm. (No, that is not sarcasm.)

    I love Disney parks and I even have a countdown going on my blog and on the calendar. But I'm glad my entire existence doesn't revolve around Disney. My house and wardrobe have a small spattering of Disney things but thankfully I don't have an entire house filled with memorabilia. Nor do all of my outfits consist of Disney clothing.

    I think it really does border on crazy for some people. To the point where they declare bankruptcy but still end up going on their WDW trips.

    Or where they don't even consider other types of vacations at all.

    I just don't get it.

  2. So you blog about things you don't like when you're in a good mood? haha!

    Sarcasm is very difficult to portray on the web. I sometimes don't catch it and sometimes people don't quite get mine. I think people often try to come off comical when a person believes they are cold and bitter. I've been on both sides of the fence.

  3. I think there should be a sarcasm font. I think the world would be a better place if we just gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. The real problem is that the people that don't get sarcasm are cold and bitter so they automatically think everybody is as full of hate as they are.