Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney World Trip Report - Day 4

The only thing we really plan is a rest day though it's not what most people would describe as restful. I think I managed to sleep in until 10am. I say managed because, as per usual, somebody sneaked into our room during the night and replaced the comfortable bed I fell asleep on with an uncomfortable bed I couldn't wait to get out of. Swines.

Part of my morning routine on this trip consisted of switching on the Weather Channel to see how nature was going to ruin our day. Our room had a new TV that was much nicer than the TV they had the last time we were there. Sadly, this is still what you see when you turn it on.

We were able to casually get our breakfast this morning which was nice. The usual assortment of undesirables had left earlier that morning to ruin the parks. Evidence of their assault on the food court still remained.

We decided to see how the other half lives so we went to the Magic Kingdom then hopped a boat to Wilderness Lodge. Again, Jill swears the boats are free to float about in the murky water but I still think they're on a magical rail system. We wandered around the pool area and were delighted by how nice everything looked. I like the feeling of not being in Florida. It was magical. The lobby area was very similar to the Grand Californian on the left coast. I'd like to stay there but I also like my money far more than Disney does.

Once our gawking was done we headed to the bus stop and there we waited... and waited. I had this look on my face the entire time.
Finally the Epcot bus arrived and we were magically whisked away or at least we were after stopping at Fort Wilderness. It was a real pant load. Onward driver! Spaceship Earth awaits!

While getting a locker we noticed an actual line for Spaceship Earth. This just wouldn't do so went to get Test Track Fast Passes. My pretzel addiction resulted in one for each of us and a bench in the shade. While gobbling them up we couldn't help but notice a family across from us enjoying some succulent sandwiches and a bottle of water. It wasn't apparent what was between the two slices of bread but I didn't want to ask. They paused for a moment to reflect on how thrifty they are then the father refilled the water bottle so it would be ready for their next feast. One of the kids saw my pretzel and stared longingly as I greedily devoured it.

Somebody must have seen my tears and made everybody leave the line from Spaceship Earth. We walked right on and suddenly all was right in the universe. All the excited made me hungry again so I grabbed a frozen banana and headed to the Electric Umbrella to enjoy it. Perhaps they should have used real umbrellas as Jill was promptly pooped upon by a bird. I made Jill hold my banana (stop snickering) as I cleaned her up as best as I could. Jill didn't want to have to deal with picking out a new shirt so we went back to the hotel so she could get a clean shirt.

We used our Fast Passes for Test Track then slowly made our way to the World Showcase. We're resting today, remember. Jill bought two pretty swell bracelets from this place in Africa. They said all the money goes to the women that make them but I'm sure Mickey still wets his beak. Everybody and their brother was at the park that day being Saturday and all so we stopped in the good old US of A and grabbed a table.

A group of alcoholics grabbed the table next to ours and proceeded to include us in their conversation. That was our cue to head to Japan or maybe it was the drumming. I was a little disappointed in the drummer that day. They've been better and more precise. My delicious banana from earlier had ceased to hold back hunger so we went to Restaurant Marrakesh to see if they could sneak us in a tad early. The crowds were light so it wasn't a problem.

We dropped some serious coin (for us) on a delicious dinner. We ate Moroccan food which is a lot like Mexican food but completely different. We started with beef brewat rolls which are pure rock n roll. I had beef shish kebab and Jill had the lemon chicken because it's either delicious or it's the only menu item she feels comfortable reading aloud. For dessert we have bastilla which is a strange mix of pastry and some weird vanilla sauce and the "Moroccan Symphony" which is assorted baklava. We ate it all.

Morocco was too nice (and quiet) an area to leave so we wandered the shops and took photos. I'm surprised more people aren't back there but I'm also happy because of it. Just as that thought was crossing my mind, the "Epcot Drinking Crew" stumbled into the area and ruined the ambiance with their incoherent yelling.

We hit up some more shops so I could find a sweatshirt. It was a tad chilly for some reason and I wasn't about to go all the way back to the locker. I got a pretty swell one in Germany. It's red. Impressed?

Norway's spirit of Adventure called to us so we hopped in a boat and went back, back over the falls on Maelstrom. What a great ride.

As we meandered back towards the entrance of the park we realized that they were only going to be open a few minutes longer so we hoofed it for another spin on Spaceship Earth. Satisfied with Epcot's offerings for the evening we dragged ourselves back to the bus and headed to the hotel.

Somebody put the comfy bed back in our room while we were out. I fell asleep before I hit the pillow. It was a pretty restful day.

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