Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A blog without a topic

Here I sit broken hearted. Came to blog but only...

...I know what you were thinking but I don't do toilet humor. I will admit that I read what's on the walls though.

I was pondering blogging about a new album I just got my hands on but it doesn't come out for a month and a half so I'll do my friend a favor and not write about it. Come to think of it both of the albums I'm listening through right now haven't been released.

How do I go about reviewing an album? I'm no journalist nor am I much a music critic. I like to think I have decent taste in music but the stuff I like isn't particularly popular or hasn't been popular in some time. I give new music a chance every now and then but I tend to fall back on stuff that I like.

Here's what I look for. First and foremost I like something well produced but it's not a deal breaker. If the mix is good to where I can hear everything I can sit through it even if I don't like the band or song. From there I pick the song apart and find facets to appreciate. I love a strong bass line with a complimentary drum beat. Being a guitar player you'd think I like pristine guitars. You are correct. I'll forgive the worst song if the guitar player is awesome. Vocals are a tricky part. I like a unique voice and I'm a sucker for harmonies especially when they're used to fill out what would otherwise be an empty song. Lyrics? I don't really care about lyrics. I can't write them and I rarely remember them. Why should I criticize somebody for uninspired lyrics? If said lyrics are stupid, that's when. My daily posting of a crappy song on Facebook is usually due to adolescent lyrics or all around lameness.

I'll have to go through my library and find an album that has been released to review so nobody will continue to listen to it because let's be honest with ourselves here. How often do we give a listen to the favorite songs of other people? Not very often. If people post a song that blows everybody gives it a spin. It's like smelling something stinky. If somebody makes a pan of brownies everybody takes a quick whiff but if they catch the aroma of something terrible they take several deep sniffs to make sure they're smelling what they think they're smelling.

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  1. I one ever comments when I put up a song I like on facebook. But the second I post a song and say that it sucks...people listen and comment.