Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Challege - Day 14

Day 14. A photo of one of your favorite family members


My brudders and I are an interesting group. Randy on the left is my younger brother. He's the sensitive one. He lives for his church and I'm okay with that. He used to write music which always kept me into music for some reason. That's Justin in the middle. He's my older brother which puts me in the middle. I'm closer in age to him but Randy caught up socially awhile back. Justin likes sports, Kung Fu movies, and is kind of like the anti-Randy. I meet them both halfway as a kind of buffer. It's interesting how things work out like that. I only see them about once a year but I'm still pretty close to them though not as much with Randy any more. He doesn't have a lot of time for his family these days.

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